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LeadFinch will be shutting down on 8th May 2018. Please download any data associated with your account before then.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is LeadFinch?
  2. LeadFinch is an Chrome Extension and web application that allows you to find anyone's email address from as little as a name and a domain.

  3. Where do you get your data from?
  4. We pull our data from a range of different sources using our email-finding engine.

  5. What information do I need to provide?
  6. For each email you wish to find, LeadFinch requires their first name, last name and the domain of the company's mailserver to find an email address. The domain is the part of the email after the '@' sign and is most often the same as the company website, for example for LeadFinch. (without any http://, https://, www. etc.)

  7. Do you use any of my personal information to generate search results for others?
  8. Absolutely not. None of your personal information used to create your LeadFinch account will ever be used as a search result for other users.

  9. What can I use these email addresses for?
  10. We built LeadFinch to solve a problem we had ourselves, namely sending highly targeted and highly relevant outbound sales emails. Therefore, the results from LeadFinch should be used only for SPAM-law compliant purposes, such as this. We have a very strict anti-spam policy, and anyone found using the LeadFinch platform for spamming or other inappropriate purposes will have their account deleted and be blocked indefinitely.

  11. Where can I download the Chrome Extension?
  12. Here.

  13. Are all email addresses accurate?
  14. We only return an email address whenever we have a high level of confidence. Of course, individuals change jobs and email addresses change, so we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

  15. Can I use LeadFinch to find personal email addresses?
  16. No. LeadFinch is designed to find business email addresses and, as such, you cannot include domains such as, etc. in your search.

  17. What is your VAT number?
  18. Our UK VAT number is 175 9189 58.

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